What To Do In Savannah for a Girls Trip

I finally made it to Savannah for the first time, and it did not disappoint. A friend was celebrating her birthday last year, but due to COVID, we postponed the trip until this year. I’ve rounded up my favorite things we did and what you should do in Savannah for a girls trip!

The Olde Pink House in Savannah, Georgia
The Olde Pink House

If you want to really get a good feel for the city, I recommend going for more than just a weekend. We spent a solid 3 days there and I think it made all of the difference in getting to see all of things we anticipated on.

To start off our girls trip, we started off with appetizers and drinks at our hotel’s bar. We stayed in the Historic District, right on the Riverwalk. I highly recommend staying along there, as you have access to a ton of walkable restaurants, shops and bars!

Riverwalk in Savannah
Historic District

How gorgeous was it to walk along the river, and then head south for blocks to discover all of the rich history and beauty that line the cobblestone roads. (Not to mention all of the stops you can make for a quick rest in one of the many squares)

Our first reservation was at the Olde Pink House for dinner. This National landmark can not be missed on your trip there. Not only is it beautiful, but the food and drinks are worth the wait. (Perhaps one of the many ghosts of the past will grant you with their presence while walking around!)

Dinner at The Olde Pink House in Savannah
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What I Love About My Wantable Style Edit

You know I love to show you guys what I’m wearing and where I get it from. You may have seen some of my posts on Instagram telling you what I love about my Wantable Style Edit.

What I love about my Wantable Style Edit

Thank you to Wantable for supplying the pieces for this post.

Wantable is an online try-before-you-buy retailer that consists of a personalized stylist that matches clothes and accessories for you-based on your preferences.

What I love about this online service is that the boxes get delivered to my door, and I never have to set foot into a retail store. Trying on clothes with all of my kids in tow is always way too much hassle for me.

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A Day At The Iowa State Fair!

Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair is in full effect at the Iowa Fairgrounds in Des Moines! It is the largest event in the state of Iowa and one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the country.

For 11 days, the Iowa State Fairgrounds is transformed into a huge fun fair! Rides for all ages, food for DAYS, and educational experiences for the whole family.

Iowa State Fair kids rides
Iowa State Fair kids rides

We decided to visit the fair (for the first time, since we just moved here), because our neighbor told us how big of an event it was annually. With the weather only being 80 degrees, it was one of the better times to try to go with kids.

The last time we were at a fair, was the Kenosha County Fair, before Lucas was even born!

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Why I Am Loving My Ipsy Subscription

Ladies- If you are looking for something to treat yourself to every month, then listen up. Who doesn’t love a little surprise in their mailbox every once in a while. (You deserve it, right?!)

I have to admit, I found out about Ipsy years ago, from seeing online advertisements on social media. I wasn’t interested in receiving different makeups and beauty products at the time, since I was pretty faithful to what I was already using.

Going back about 6 months, I decided to go for it. What did I have to lose? For only $12 a month, I got a specially curated glam bag with 5 trail-sized (sometimes full sized) samples of various beauty products. (Plus, I know I can skip months, or cancel whenever I want).

Ipsy subscription
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When It’s Hot Outside-Go Visit Your Local Library!

When we moved here, it was still in the height of COVID. We were looking for things to do with the kids, but options were slim in the middle of winter.

I looked online to search for our nearest library, only to find out that most of the library was still shut down for browsing.

If you knew the book you wanted to reserve, you did just that- ordered it and picked it up at the front.

Upon viewing that the children’s area was not open for play, I put library time on the back burner and literally forgot about it until this summer.

We have had quite the heatwave here in the midwest, and we have been trying to keep busy at the swimming pool, and various other indoor activities (the gym, gymnastics, playing at friends houses).

Today, I said “Let’s go out for lunch, and finally go get our library cards!”

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