Our Annual Pumpkin Farm Visit in Wisconsin!

Hi friends and family! It’s been way too long since I wrote down in words everything that has been going on in life. From the start of COVID, to our lackluster summer, we’ve basically been doing a lot of playing at home, and entertaining the kids around the neighborhood.

With the girls back in school now (I’ll do a separate post on how that’s all going), we now have things to do, and are trying to maintain some normalcy again. We couldn’t let the start of fall go by without a trip to our favorite place to take the kids: Jerry Smith’s Farm in Somers, WI.

Jerry Smith Farm

Today was the opening day of their hand-painted fall displays, which are free for anyone who enters. YES, free! Take advantage of this display, it’s definitely worth the drive to see the many creative pumpkin characters for all ages to enjoy.

From Scooby Doo to Frozen, there is an abundance of imagination and you can appreciate all of the hard work that went into setting it all up. There are displays with bubbles, tunnels and music playing to dance to!

Jerry Smith Farm
Pumpkin Farm display

What activities do they have for the kids?

There are SO many things for kids to do INSIDE. Past the free pumpkin displays, if you pay $10 per person on the weekends (I believe it applies to ages 3 and up), then you get unlimited access to these activities (per their website):

Giant Bounce Pillow
6 Acre Crazy Corn Maze
Petting Zoo (additional cost for feed)
Tire Mountain
Climbing Wall of Tires
Giant Tube Play Area
Tube Swing
Wooden Tractor Play Structure
2 Rainbow Play Sets with sand piles
Big Sand Toy Hill
Basketball Hoop

We paid an extra $8 for feed in the petting zoo area (a cup that included lettuce, carrots and other animal feed pellets), but the kids really wanted to feed the giraffe!

Jerry Smith Farm in Somers, WI
Feeding goats at Jerry Smith Farm
Feeding Giraffe at Jerry Smith Farm in Somers, WI

The entire back side of the Jerry Smith Farm includes the Corn Maze and a slew of playground equipment and real life tractors for kids to play on. You could literally spend hours back there and the kids would still have things to play.

All of the equipment and bouncy houses are spread out, and there is plenty of room for adults to sit and relax. There are benches and swings everywhere, and tons of hand washing stations throughout the Farm.

Jerry Smith Farm in Somers, WI
Jerry Smith Farm in Somers, WI

Overall, we had a great trip to the farm. We had to leave after 2.5 hours there because Lucas was ready for his nap.

We bought 2 pumpkins, a couple of small decorative gourds, and a package of pumpkin donuts (of course!) My mom is here visiting, and luckily she comes with us every year to partake in the festivities at the Jerry Smith Farm! Until next year!

Jerry Smith Farm in Somers, WI

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