Baking With Kids- Easter Cookies!

Baking with Kids- Easter Cookies

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Easter is right around the corner! Are you starting to prepare Easter baskets, or Holy Week activities with your kids? Over here, we love baking with kids!

Emmy and I were at Target the other day and found this Easter Egg cookie kit that looked like a lot of fun to make. What could be better than festive treats?

Cooking with Kids- Easter cookies

The fun part about making these cookies were that we had to carefully color each parts of the dough. I let Emmy add the coloring and form each into separate balls, to be placed into the refrigerator while the oven was preheating.

Cooking with kids- Easter cookies

The next step was to assemble the different doughs together and cut them into triangle shapes (to resemble an egg). I always use a silicone baking mat when making cookies. This is a great way to preserve your baking sheets and prevent sticking.

Silicone Baking sheet
Baking with kids- Easter cookie

The purple didn’t come out quite as we expected, but the cookies looked great, and that was the important thing! We are still learning to use food coloring and one day we’ll get it right!

Easter Cookies

Will you be baking with kids this weekend? It’s a great way to get them involved, and teach them some kitchen skills! We got our hands into the mix, used kitchen utensils and learned about portions.

(These scones would be so good for an Easter Brunch!) What’s your favorite treat to make? We also did Rice Krispie treats, and will probably do this festive cake as well!

The finished cookies!

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