Celebrate Earth Day With “Me-Time” Favorites From Aveeno

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Earth Day is among us, friends! How do you celebrate the world around you? I love a good walk outdoors, taking in all of the scents of the plants and just appreciating the beauty of seeing things in bloom.

And while I love to spend time outside with my family, I love when I get a moment of “me-time” in the house. That is why I am loving the best of both worlds with some of my favorite products from Aveeno®. They keep my hair and skin moisturized all day.

(Right now, you can save up to $20 on participating Aveeno® products. I stock up on all of my favorites at Walmart because it’s so easy to find everything I need there. See my favorites below!)

Celebrate Earth Day With

The Fresh Greens Blend Shampoo and Conditioner is made with oats and infused with rosemary, peppermint, and cucumber. If you know me, you know that I appreciate products that are formulated with the earth and body in mind. That is why this duo is a great choice.

Celebrate Earth Day With

Celebrate Earth Day With

On my shopping trips to Walmart, I can find both these must-have hair products and my other favorite skin care product: Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Lotion! With soothing oatmeal, it relieves my dry skin and leaves my skin soft and beautiful all day.

Celebrate Earth Day With

As Earth Day approaches, I urge you to think about the everyday products that you use in your life. Integrate items in your haircare and lotion for ultimate pampering every day! I like Aveeno® Fresh Greens Blend hair care because they are paraben free and free of dyes and sulfates. Natural ingredients like oats are key to keeping my skin looking its best. Real ingredients, great results!

Celebrate Earth Day With

What are some ways that you are celebrating Earth Day? Do you incorporate your health and beauty items as a way to be in touch with nature?

Be sure to look for an Aveeno® Earth Day event at a local Walmart near you! 

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