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Celebrating Earth Day With Mom Must-Haves!


This post is sponsored by Cascade pure essentials. All opinions are solely my own.

Happy Spring, friends! It’s time to open up the windows, let some fresh air in, and start some spring cleaning! I have to admit that my husband does a lot of the cleaning around the house (lucky me!), but I do have my share of cleaning favorites that I want to share with you.

When I started this blog, I had intentions of sharing safer products for you to use in your home. With three kids now, it’s important to me more than even to make sure we use things that are effective and ones that we can really feel good about using.

Celebrating Earth Day With Mom Must-Haves!

Did you know that Earth Day is on April 22nd? I thought about ways that I go more natural, protect the earth, and also save time and money as a busy mom! Here are my must-haves to make life a little easier for all of us:

  1. Cascade Pure Essentials– New Cascade pure essentials work hard to give you a reliable clean. The pacs are formulated with ⅓ biobased and other thoughtfully selective ingredients. I love that they don’t contain phosphates or chlorine bleach, which makes me feel better about using them on my families dishes.
  2. Wool Dryer Balls– Fabric softeners and dryer sheets coat your clothing with chemicals and make your towels less absorbent. Wool dryer balls are an all natural and chemical-free alternative! You will find that are relatively inexpensive, last 2-5 years, and don’t omit any chemicals into the air.
  3. Microfiber towels– If you don’t own any microfiber towels, you need to! Cutting down on paper towel use has been huge in our house! They are soft and lint-free, making them great to use on all surfaces.
  4. Reusable bottles– We have consciously stopped buying water bottles, and have been refilling our personal water bottles up with filtered water from the refrigerator. This saves a ton of money and we don’t end up with water bottles laying all over the house or car. I try to imagine how many bottles of water are thrown out each day and this makes me feel much better to use a bottle again and again.


Celebrating Earth Day With Mom Must-Haves! Celebrating Earth Day With Mom Must-Haves! Celebrating Earth Day With Mom Must-Haves!

When it comes to my family, I want to make sure that I can depend on good products, that don’t compromise my values. A good mom must-have should be simple to use, and give me peace of mind that it is good for me and my family.

Savings alert! I got the Cascade pure essentials ActionPacs at Meijer. Now through the month of April, you can save $1 on them (bag or tub) by clipping the coupon on the MPerks app!

In honor of Earth Day, Meijer is offering buy one, get one 30% off all pure essentials from 4/14-4/20 available at checkout.

Celebrating Earth Day With Mom Must-Haves!

What are your must-haves for cleaning or celebrating Earth Day?


Celebrating Earth Day With Mom Must-Haves!

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