Cups For All Stages Of Childhood + Giveaway With Nuby

For every milestone these kiddos reach, we find ourselves constantly needing things that are appropriate for their age: shoes, clothing, gadgets, utensils, etc.  One of the most used items now in our house are our feeding tools. We go through a ton of cups and bowls all day.

We are really excited to be partnering with Nuby feeding because they are known for their high standards and versatility in feeding tools for children during all stages of growth.  With Emmy trying out new cups to suit her little hands, we were so happy that Nuby had a couple great ones just for her.

The Nuby 360 Sipper is great for those 6 months and older who are getting used to drinking from a cup. It’s a no-spill cup and it flows evenly from any angle that she holds it. It also has a soft silicone spout, perfect for those who are teething.

The Nuby No Spill 360 Weighted Straw with spout cups feature a weighted straw follows the liquid allowing your child to drink in any position including upright. The Nuby No Spill 360 Weighted Straw with spout cup is available at Babies R’ Us stores.

Cups For All Stages Of Childhood Cups For All Stages Of Childhood Cups For All Stages Of Childhood

The Nuby Thirsty Kids Flip It is great for toddlers to tote around with them anywhere. It has a handle at the top, perfect for little hands and those wanting to feel like they have their own personal water bottle! It holds 12 oz and it doesn’t spill when the lid is closed. It has a flip up straw when you open it…the kids love that part. (I love it because it keeps the straw clean!)

The Nuby Thirsty Kids Reflex water canteens are made of durable tritan from Eastman. The canteens hold 12 oz. of liquid and feature a the push button that seals the silicone spout when not in use. The Thirsty Kids water canteens are now available in store at Target and Babies R’ Us! Shop the water canteens online here: Target: http://bit.ly/2smrWRX.

Cups For All Stages Of Childhood Cups For All Stages Of Childhood Cups For All Stages Of Childhood

The Nuby Snack N Sip is an innovative and genius 2-in-one cup! It holds 9 oz of liquids and 4.5 oz of snacks in the private snack canister on top! This is great for toddlers with good hand control. It has a spill proof, silicone straw and the flow of the fluid is controlled by the toddler. I’m pretty sure that this is our favorite new cup for traveling! We will definitely need another one for Emmy!

The sealing lid keeps snacks trapped while on the go! The Nuby Snack N’ Sip is available in store at Target, Babies R’ Us, and Walmart. Shop this item online here: 2pk at Target http://bit.ly/2qK9i9K / 1 pk at Babies R’ Us: http://bit.ly/2kkhEjG & Amazon http://amzn.to/2s1Tr6j .

Cups For All Stages Of Childhood

There are cups for all stages of childhood- I’m so glad that Nuby partnered with me so that I could enjoy these with my children. We have been using them everyday and they have definitely proven to be sturdy, well-made and toddler approved! Plus, they are BPA free!

Do you have any Nuby cups for your child? If so, which one did you like?!

Would you like to win a Nuby Thirsty Kids Flip It & Snack Keeper for your little one? Head over to my Instagram page now! One person will win one a set!

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