What I Am Currently Loving + 25 Week Bump Update

Summer is in full force everywhere, and it’s not making it any easier on this pregnant lady! I’m all about the right clothes and products that will help me stay cool and comfortable at the moment. Here is what I am currently loving and a 25 week bump update!

I’m 25 weeks pregnant, and the baby is the size of a cauliflower, weighing in at nearly 1.5 pounds. I have gained 14 pounds and the doctor said that all of my measurements look great. Despite me feeling (and looking) huge, she assured me that all is on track.

I am feeling all of the typical symptoms this far along: back aches at night, frequent urination, trouble sleeping some nights. There is nothing major is really impeding this pregnancy, so I know I can’t complain. I’ve definitely been slacking on my workouts but trying to get a little in each day.

What I Am Currently Loving + 25 Week Bump Update

I love when I find a great product that I truly use and can tell you guys all of the benefits of. One  thing I can not live without is my sunglasses! Summer is brutal out here and eye care is so important, not only to me, but for my children as well.

I’m currently loving these sunnies from Del Sol:

These fun shades are color changing (in the sun)! The PolarizedPro™ sunglasses shield the sun’s harmful rays, providing 100% UVA/UVB protection. Don’t worry if they get damaged or lost by accident or theft. Their Lifetime Replacement Guarantee always has you covered.

(Thanks to my friends at Del Sol for gifting us these sunnies! Mine are the “Uptown Funk” style, and the girls have the “Ruby Pink” style)

What I Am Currently Loving + 25 Week Bump Update

What I Am Currently Loving + 25 Week Bump Update

I’m currently loving this sun protection from Beautycounter:

I’ve been taking the girls to the local splash pads and pools, so we make sure to always take care of our skin in this hot weather. I’ve been introduced to Beautycounter Counter Sun products and they’re the real deal! It’s mineral sunscreen (not chemical sunscreen)- which prohibit chemical SPF filters due to their high potential for skin irritation.

They don’t use Octinoxate or Oxybenzone, ingredients known to contribute to the collapse of coral reefs around the world, making their sunscreens safer for both people and our oceans.

What I Am Currently Loving + 25 Week Bump Update

I’m currently loving these sheets for my bed:

Sleep is so valuable to me right now, so I am thrilled to have the comfiest bed sheets that I’ve ever had, thanks to my friends at Aloha Softbedding! Aloha Soft sheets are made of comfortable viscose from bamboo, which is twice as soft as cotton and will give you a great night’s sleep!

Bamboo is naturally thermal-regulating and moisture wicking, so we stay cool all night. If you are a hot body at night, these are perfect for you! The sheets are lightweight, yet durable. Plus, they are environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of bamboo over cotton? It’s naturally hypoallergenic and its has odor- resistant properties over cotton. Bamboo also has a more environmentally friendly creation process and requires no pesticides or harmful chemicals to grow, whereas cotton requires pesticides to grow and must be reseeded from season to season.

What I Am Currently Loving + 25 Week Bump UpdateWhat I Am Currently Loving + 25 Week Bump Update

How CUTE are these tees from Mom Life Must Haves?! So accurate and so much fun!! (Thanks to my friend Gina over there!! Go check out her shop!!)

Have a great week, friends! Tell me what you’re currently loving this summer! 

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