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The Cutest Last Minute Halloween Decor For The Home

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I love Halloween, so I always jump on the chance to start decorating as soon as October 1st rolls around. I usually just decorate my dining areas, and keep the living room and kitchen decorated with general fall decor. After looking up some really cute stuff online, I’m tempted to add some Halloween decor throughout the house now.

When you look online, you see tons of people decorating their mantle about the fireplace. This is a great place to make a festive statement. It’s the living room where everyone hangs out, it’s the focal point to most sitting areas, and it is a perfect spot to hang things and place things that little kids can’t reach.

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I found this candy corn felt garland that would be adorable on the mantle or end table in the house. I will definitely be getting this one to start my living room decor.

A fireplace mantle scarf is an easy way to add a touch of Halloween spirit, without having to try too hard. Spiderwebs are always a spooky must! (A lot of these are half off now!)

One easy Halloween decoration that I love are bat decals for your wall. You can scatter these anywhere and they easily make a statement. I have put them up in the dining room for the last couple of years and they still stick!

You can put a few around the mantle, your television, your entryway…..really anywhere that needs a pop of flair! These are less than $5 and you get a ton of them in the pack!

When I think of Halloween, I immediately think of the movies that always come on television. “Hocus Pocus“, Scream”, and “Beetlejuice” are some favorites that come to mind. If you added pieces or quotes from those movies, you really can’t lose.

It’s truly not Halloween unless pumpkins are involved. Since you already have a pumpkin, or multiple pumpkins on your porch, why not add a few decorative ones inside?
You can place ceramic, felt, wool, or wooden pumpkins anywhere in your house for an added touch. I add them to my end tables, kitchen dinette, and fireplace area.

Don’t forget to add a festive wreath to your front door. Do you like to do a Halloween one, or a beautiful fall colored one?

Do you have all of your Halloween decor up yet? What’s your favorite area of your house to decorate?

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  1. I love these bats! And I want a garland just like that!

    Published 10.10.19
    • Kim wrote:

      The garlands are so cute!

      Published 10.10.19