Dear Daylight Savings Time, Thanks For Messing Up My Week

Today was a rough day for this momma. Usually my toddler has no trouble sleeping at night, but the last couple of nights she’s been a real gem.  Dear daylight savings time: thanks for messing up my week already. Mind you, it’s only Monday.

So what exactly is daylight savings time and what is the benefit of it? Well, if we were living back in the turn of the 20th century, where farming, or growing your own food was a way of life for the majority of the country, then I can see where it served it was beneficial.  The purpose being to make better use of the daylight and conserve energy. This means that sunrise and sunset are one hour later on the clock than the day before.

It’s funny how one hour can really change the dynamic of our day. Due to her lack of sleep, it effected my sleep, and therefore my attitude for the entire day. She was spunky, full of energy, and at times, pretty ornery.  I got her to bed early tonight, as she normally goes to bed around 9:00pm.  Here’s to hoping she sleeps for 8-10 hours tonight.

Daylight Savings Time and Kids

What I dislike already is that it is dark so early now.  It feels like it’s bed time when it’s really only dinner time. I will need to plan better and get more things done earlier in the day, to avoid being out when it’s dark. This momma needs a serious vacation, if even for an hour a day.  Is there such a thing as “Mom Savings Time??”.

Who else had a rough start to this week? I can’t be the only one!

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