Easy To Make White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels!

If you love treats or snacks that are salty AND sweet, then you are going to love these easy to make white chocolate peppermint pretzels. They are perfect to make on a cold day inside, or a weekend where you need to prepare gifts for friends, neighbors and teachers!

Easy To Make White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels!

If you have got 30 minutes and just these 3 ingredients (pretzels, white chocolate wafers, crushed candy cane), then you’re all set! I had my favorite little kitchen helper with me. We pulled up a chair onto the kitchen island, and let her take care of mixing the chocolate. I was in charge of dipping the pretzels and sprinkling on the peppermint pieces.

Here are the items that I used in these treats: mini pretzels, Ghirardelli White Chocolate Wafers, and Brach’s Crushed Peppermint candy.


  1. Empty the entire bag of the white chocolate wafers into a microwave safe bowl. Follow the instructions on the bag for how to properly melt the chocolate (to avoid burning it). It took me 30 seconds, then 2-interals of 15 seconds to get it melted how I liked after constant stirring.
  2. Lay out some some parchment paper on your work surface, so that when you dip the pretzels, you can lay them there without them sticking.
  3. Dip each pretzel separately, leaving a corner of the pretzel free of chocolate. (So that your hands aren’t constantly covered in chocolate).
  4. Carefully tap off excess chocolate on the side of the bowl so that the pretzel isn’t covered too thick with chocolate.
  5. Lay the pretzel on the parchment paper and quickly sprinkle on the crushed peppermint candy. The chocolate will dry quick, so you need to work quick as well.
  6. Repeat until desired amount of pretzels are covered.
  7. If chocolate hardens, just re-microwave the bowl again for 10 seconds and stir it again.
  8. Let the pretzels stand for about 30 minutes to completely dry before packaging them up.
  9. Enjoy!

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I love using white chocolate when I bake things over the holidays because I think it looks like snow and winter! Feel free to use milk or dark chocolate! Also, if you do not like peppermint candy, you could also omit those, or use something else- coconut shavings, crumbled cookies, crushed nuts, or even candy sprinkles!

I hope you enjoy making these white chocolate peppermint pretzels with your kids. This is something that it relatively easy, with very little clean up. Find cute ways to package up your goodies before you deliver to them. We chose cute little holiday boxes lined with parchment paper!

Easy To Make White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels! Easy To Make White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels! Easy To Make White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels!




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