Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy!

January is such a whirlwind for our family. With 3 out of 4 of us being born in January, it seems like we are constantly celebrating! (But it’s a good thing, for sure!). Today we say: Happy 2nd birthday, Emmy!

In a good way, our kids are totally different. Charli is the cheeky one, Emmy is the reserved one. Charli has the killer smile, but is naughty, while Emmy is sweet but straight-laced. It’s amazing that these two kids are ours, but seem to come from different planets.

From the day she came into our lives, she has been such a good girl. She has such a sweet smile, sweet brown eyes that have so much expression, and beautiful straight hair that I would die for. She always (and still does) sleeps well and never gave us any problems when teething. We totally lucked out with this girl.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her, from infancy to the big TWO. I have always called her my sweet pea, and I think you can see why. A true momma’s girl, and stage-five-clinger. She looks just like her daddy, and I love that I see him in her every time I look at her. I will be cherishing all of the snuggles and hip holding before she gets any bigger than she is!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy!

Some of Emmy’s favorite things to do are dance, sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, play mommy to all of her dolls, bother her sister, and snack ALL DAY. She can be a fire cracker and a snuggle bug in a matter of minutes. She’s gaining more and more independence each day, which makes even the simplest tasks more daunting.

I love seeing her chat with us- she is up to three words together at this moment. She loves telling you what things are called and what colors they are. She’s a pro at Face-timing all of the family and she can pretty much maneuver her way around my iPad. Boy, have times have changed!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Emmy!

Feel free to leave comments below if you want to wish Emmy a Happy 2nd Birthday! Thanks for following along with our little family and all of the fun we have! The girls are my life and we hope you enjoy a glimpse of all of our antics and adventures. 



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