Happy 4th Birthday, Emmy

I have not prepared for my daughter’s 4th birthday. We celebrate so many birthdays in January, we sort of cram the festivities all together, somewhere in the middle of the month. Today I promise to make it all about her.

The least I could do throw a few special memories into a blog post so that we can all look back on fast 4 years flew by. (I swear I was just writing her 2nd birthday blog post the other day!)

Happy 4th Birthday

On January 29th, 2016 Emmy decided that she wanted to send us to the hospital with contractions. We were scheduled to be induced the next day, so it worked out just fine that we admitted ourselves the night before! She was our longest labor, but we were thrilled for her to be a part of our family on January 30th!

Emmy looks just like her auntie, and has a few of her tendencies as well. She is very strong-willed, and is every bit the stereotypical middle child. I try to spend extra time with her when I can, because she is always jockeying for my attention. I can see how hard it is not being the oldest or youngest child.

Emmy has a special way of making herself known in a room. She is polite when she needs to be, but seeks attention on the regular. She loves to jump into the photo with mom and wants to tag along with her sister everywhere she goes.

Preschool has played a super important role in boosting her self confidence and personal skills. When she started in August, it took a few class drop offs for her to feel comfortable with me leaving her. Now, I’m lucky if I get a kiss goodbye once she enters the classroom!

We also spend some time at the gym daycare. I drop her and Lucas off in mornings and she is very comfortable with playing with other children or on her own. She knows our routine now and that really helps me get some time to myself, and allows her to learn to be independent and play on her own.

For Emmy’s 4th birthday, we got her an awesome Trek bicycle! (I wish I had a bike this cool when I was little!) Since it’s winter right now, she practices riding it in the house. She is confident riding it, and I’m sure we’ll have the training wheels off in no time!

Since we are not throwing a birthday party for her this year (nor did we throw one for Charli in the beginning of the month), we did make sure to pick up a cake for her, and even got some cupcakes for her to share with her classmates since she goes to school on that day.

Well, this was a perfect trip down memory lane. I LOVE going through my laptop to search for old photos of the kids. I literally have thousands of snapshots of their lives. (As a mom, it’s my job to capture all of their precious moments, right?!)

To Emmy: I hope that year 4 brings you so much joy, growth and endless laughter. You are a never ending ball of energy and I try to let you live your toddler life to the fullest. You will never be little like this again, so I will cherish all of your laughing giggles and sweet snuggles while I still can.

Happy 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday, Emmy!

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