Hassel Free Holiday Preparations

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Nothing warms my heart more than knowing that Thanksgiving is approaching. Not only is it  my favorite holiday, but it’s also the perfect time to bring friends and family together to share wonderful recipes, socialize and reminisce about good times.

I’m all about hassle free holiday preparations. This means getting things started early, like decorations, menu planning, and items for travel.

This will help you not feel so overwhelmed the week of.

To start my Thanksgiving preparation- either with me hosting the gathering, or bringing  something over to someones house- I collect my favorite recipes. Good food calms the soul and at the same time, challenges you to step outside the box and try something new.

Baking as therapy? Absolutely! Whenever you need a little cheer, there’s nothing a nice baked good can’t help with. The Joys of Baking Cookbook from Running Press is full of courage, grace, wisdom and hope. When you need a moment of comfort- there’s always dessert.

This beautiful hard cover book is full of beautiful cake and chocolate recipes, to name a few. You will surely find something that catches you eye, and get you baking up new and familiar desserts for your Thanksgiving table this year. 

Are you bringing a side-dish to the party? With so many favorites, it’s hard to pick just one. I love to bring a dish that I know everyone will want (especially my kids!). I can always count on a baked mac and cheese dish to please everyone. This Butter Parmesan sauce from Ragú is a hit in this Quick Real-Deal 3-Minutes Mac

The simple flavors in this dish will have even your pickiest eaters wanting more! It has just the right amount of butter and aged parmesan cheese! (Yes, please!) Check out this new RAGU® Butter Parmesan Sauce today!

Ready to cook up your sides or main dishes? Have you considered or tried using coconut oil for sautéing or baking, in place of vegetable oil or butter? Check out these Squeezable Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Squeezable Organic Steam Refined Coconut Oil from Nutiva.

The pouch packaging makes for a mess-free cooking experience, which is perfect when you’ve got 100 things going on in the kitchen.

Nutiva Squeezable Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed for a lighter coconut flavor. Nutiva Squeezable Organic Steam Refined Coconut Oil is steam refined for no coconut flavor.

Lastly, when having guests over, or heading out for a holiday road trip, don’t forget the snacks! These are my current favorite: Chimichurri Baked Pea Crisps from Peeled Snacks.

I love a good baked snack and these proved to be as tasty as they are healthy . These Chimichurri Pea Crisps are gluten-free and contain plant-based protein. Plus, they are organic!

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( “20LOVEPEELED” gives you 20% off on Dried Mango and Chimichurri Baked Pea Crisps through Amazon)

What are some ways that you make hassle free holiday preparations?

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