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How To Jump Start Your Morning When You’re A Tired Mom

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It’s just a fact that we are early risers in this household. By 6:00am (maybe, 6:30am if I’m lucky) the entire family has either gone to work, or we are all downstairs and starting the day. I look forward to a few morning rituals to jump start my morning, and honestly, to put me in a good mood.

My first order of the day is a nice, hot cup of fresh brewed coffee. We make sure to set the coffee maker the night before, so that we can grab a mug and dive on in! I highly recommend setting the coffee maker ahead of time. It allows for more time to get ready for the day.

Second, I try to get dressed and ready before I have to get the baby out of his room. I feel like getting ready-clothes, hair, makeup- can make me feel a lot better about myself. If I sit around the house in my pajamas all day, I feel sluggish. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my moments!

Third, I must eat a good breakfast. On days that we have to take my oldest to school, there is nothing easier than a hot breakfast that I can make and enjoy on the go, or enjoy fast when time is against me. If you haven’t tried Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles® breakfast cups, you’ve got to check them out!
I have heard about these from friends, and they said they were really good. I got a few of them to try out, including the classic three cheese, and a couple with meat options in them. You guys, these are too easy to make! All of the ingredients are in the cup!

How To Jump Start Your Morning When You're A Tired Mom

You peel off the top, and there are 2 items inside: the cup of egg whites, and a packet with cheese (and meat). You pour the egg whites into the cup first and microwave it for 1 minute. Then, pour in the cheese (and meat) packet, stir in, and microwave for another 2 minutes. Voila! A wholesome breakfast!
If you are looking for a perfect breakfast option that is mess free and super easy, I recommend any one of the Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles. My favorite is the turkey sausage! I found them in the refrigerated aisle at Walmart, near the bacon!

How To Jump Start Your Morning When You're A Tired Mom How To Jump Start Your Morning When You're A Tired Mom

How To Jump Start Your Morning When You're A Tired Mom Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles

If you want to save even more time during the day- use the Walmart pick-up service (if available in your area) As a busy, and tired mom, I appreciate any shortcuts and #momhacks that I can do during the morning- shopping included!

Getting up early may not be my favorite thing, but I can be assured that when I am put together, caffeinated and full from a delicious breakfast- I start my day off right!

Do you have any routines to start your day? Give me your best tips! And don’t forget to try the Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles!

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  1. Eryka wrote:

    Yum these look so yummy! I love having quick meal solutions around

    Published 2.21.19
    • thelavenderladies wrote:

      Me too !

      Published 2.21.19
  2. Jessica wrote:

    These look like the perfect protein filled breakfast for on the go!

    Published 2.21.19
  3. fitmommyinheels wrote:

    cant go wrong with these!

    Published 2.21.19
  4. I am always tired, lol, but I do make a point to eat breakfast every day and having a quick solution like this sounds great!!

    Published 2.25.19
    • thelavenderladies wrote:

      It’s perfect for those who need a quick breakfast!

      Published 2.26.19