Life Update and Lucas is 6 Months Old!

Hey friends, it’s been a while since I’ve had a post up, mainly just due to craziness around here. The girls have managed to get over colds, just to get them back all over again. It’s been lots of Kleenex and playtime, and lack of sleep in the Spaetti household the past couple of weeks.

It is so true that once kids are in school, the germs start floating all around. Charli is usually the first one to show signs of being sick. A day or two later, BAM….Emmy is sick. Lucas has a little bit of a runny nose, and luckily me and Cory seem ok.

Once we got over the first round of colds, we were able to get out and finally do some stuff! The weather had been miserable anyway, so it was fine being cooped up indoors.

Last weekend we visited the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva, WI on their last operating day of the season. It was such a sight to see. These man-made ice sculptures are unreal. Complete with tunnels, slides and archways, it pleases children and adults alike. I recommend going to one of the 6 locations in North America if you ever get the chance!

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva

Make sure to bring snow pants with you if you do take the kids. There are slides that you can go down, and cotton pants plus a water slide just don’t mesh well! Carry your baby, as it would be impossible to push a stroller in there.

Ice Castles in Lake Geneva Ice Castles in Lake Geneva

A couple of days ago, Lucas turned 6 months old. I can’t believe that my baby is half-way to his 1 year mark already! My mom has been here for almost a month helping us out, and it’s been so great. It’s so nice that she gets to see her grand kids and not miss these important moments.

Since we haven’t done an update on him in a while, I thought I would post a couple cute pics of him and let you know what he is doing now as far as milestones.

How is he sleeping?

Still not sleeping through the night. We have been sleep training him, but it has not been easy like it was with the girls. (I’m destined to think I will never get a good night sleep again.) He has been in his crib since he was 2 months old, and he still sleeps in a sleep sack. He takes a couple naps a day that  range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

What can he do now?

He is not rolling over yet, with the exception of a few times that he did it on his own during tummy time on his play mat in the living room. He is vocal, which I love. Lots of cooing noises and bubble blowing going on these days. He is starting to grab for things, which is cute, since the girls love giving him toys to hold. He is not sitting up yet, or showing signs of wanting to. Since he was preemie, I expect a lot of things to take a little more time.

What does he love and what does he dislike right now?

Currently he is loving being walked around in his carrier (finally!). He has never liked being worn, and I LOVE baby wearing, so it was so hard for me to just carry him around all the time, without a carrier. We use an Ergobaby carrier, as we did with the other kids!

He also loves being talked to, and listening to toys with rattles. Although he can’t hold them, he loves if you show them to him!

He currently does not like being left alone, or sleeping for long periods of time! (LOL!)

What’s he eating?

I am still mainly nursing him, but he does still take Similac Neosure (a high calorie preemie baby formula) to supplement a couple times a day. My milk supply is decreasing, but that’s not stopping me from continuing to breastfeed before we offer formula. He has started on baby cereal and a little bit of fruits. So far, it is well received!

What is his length and weight?

He has his 6 month appointment next week, so I will update this section once we take him! We think he is huge now, and can definitely vouch that he is growing well! He is wearing 6- 9 month onesies and 6 month pants.

Update: he was 15.1# at his check up! All is well!

Lucas is 6 Months Old Lucas is 6 Months Old Lucas is 6 Months Old

Can you believe that Lucas is 6 months old? In no time, I’ll be planning his first year party and he will be running around with his sisters!

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