Making The Most Of Our Weekends!

For us in the Midwest, once spring and summer are here, we have to be outside to make the most of our weekends. This weekend was hot, rainy, and productive.

As we approach July, it looks like more rain, so I’m trying to plan ahead to maximize our fun before school starts up again.

Saturday started off with a quick run to Walmart and Meijer to get a few things for a photo I need to take and lunch/playdate we were having. (It seems like I’m always picking up things for blog/social media posts, and my kids always want to tag along and go with me!)

Our playdate was with an old running buddy of mine, his wife, and their adorable daughter who is actually 4 days older than Lucas. The little ones enjoyed what all infants enjoy-putting toys in their mouth and eating!

It was nice to enjoy a full lunch spread, good convo, and watch our kids play together. Isn’t that what life is all about?!

Lucas and his new friend, Ellie

Later that evening, we packed up a few things and headed down the road to the Illinois State Beach in Beach Park. Our friends had their camper there for a few days and invited us over for brats and s’mores. The girls always have a blast there, walking down by Lake Michigan and enjoying a treat by the fire.

Making The Most Of Our Weekends! Making S'mores at the campsite

This morning after Lucas went down for his nap, I geared the girls up and took them into Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin to the Jelly Belly Factory Carnival that has been going on all weekend. We went 2 years ago, and it was a good time, so I thought they’d like to go again.

As the year prior, it was hot! Temps were  in the 80’s before 10:00am. Cory stayed back to continue working on the deck (replacing boards and re-staining it).

I got the girls each an unlimited wristband so that they could ride all the rides they wanted to in the duration of our time there. They had tons of fun on the kiddie rides, and unfortunately I had to watch Lucas, or else I could have accompanied them on a couple of other rides.

As you can tell they LOVE rides and these were perfect for them. (Looks like we need to head back to Great America again this summer!! They have the best little kid rides!)

The Jelly Belly Factory Carnival Making The Most Of Our Weekends! Make The Most Of Our Weekend!

All fun came to an end when I discovered Emmy had a tick sitting in her ear. I panicked and tried to get it off of her, but it wasn’t budging. I assumed it had already bit her, so I told the girls we  needed to get home to have daddy look at it.

Of all the people worried about the tick, Emmy was the least concerned. I wanted to rush home, and Charli was freaked out that the tick would jump on her and get her, too.  Emmy insisted that she ride 2 more rides before we left.

We let the girls on a couple more rides, and then we left before the rain started to pour down on us. By the time we got home, the skies were really dark and the wind was picking up. We definitely got out of there in the nick of time.

Cory got the tick off of Emmy’s ear the old fashion way, with a match. She is such a trooper, and never showed any fear. I’m pretty sure if I was in her place, I would be crying/whimpering/weirded out and squirming until the tick was gone.

Now, we’re catching up on Sneaky Pete (Season 2) and officially chilling out for the rest of the evening. The deck is drying out from the rain <gasp> and it looks like the rest of the day will clear and calm around here.


On a sidenote: Our weekends are so short, I always make sure take the kids somewhere memorable or special. Since Cory is off, he typically tends to the yard or repair-work around the house first. Then, we make sure we and the kids so something as a family.

If we can get out to a restaurant, that’s great. Lucas is a fussy one, so it has to be kid-friendly. These days, I know we’re happy to go anywhere to eat.

I know it’s a drag when we have to take the kids to the hardware store, but maybe one day they’ll appreciate the home that we’re keeping up for them. Being a home-owner sure does have it’s pros  and cons! And it never seems like there are enough days to invest in upcoming it.

How do you make the most of your weekend!? 

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