My Diaper Bag Is Never Without These

Now that I am a professional at this mom thing (yeah right!), I am pretty confident that when we leave the house to go somewhere, you can believe that my diaper bag is never without these two items: diapers and wipes.

When I had my first daughter, our diaper bag was loaded with stuff. A whole bunch of unnecessary items (3 extra bibs, a ton of placemats, old ziplock bags of snacks, etc) filled up the compartments of my diaper bag slowly. My husband, a true minimalist, would eye-roll every time we had to go somewhere with it.

I have learned that I can just keep the basics in there, and the brand that I have trusted with both kids has been Huggies. They have increased absorbency and fit just right! I really love how slim they are, yet are very reliable. And the One and Done Wipes are amazing! They get the job done without having to use a whole bunch of wipes.

Did you know that you can find Huggies at Family Dollar Stores? I walked right in and the baby department was clearly visible to me. I found the Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers right away, and the One & Done wipes were right near them. Using their Family Dollar App, you can use their Smart Coupons right from your phone and save on your favorite items immediately!

Huggies at Family Dollar Huggies at Family Dollar Huggies at Family Dollar

It’s important to me that my diapers and wipes are reliable, not bulky, and cost effective. Since we are on a budget, I like to save wherever I can. I love being able to click coupons directly from the Family Dollar App when i happen to be in-store.

Having a toddler that is running around now means that I need a diaper I can trust. I don’t want to be out somewhere and NOT trust the diapers she is in. I have been so lucky to NOT have any accidents in a while. This is another reason why we carry around only the best wipes! I use Huggies One & Done wipes in the car, at restaurants and anytime the kids have been playing in public places.

Hop on over to your local Family Dollar to find your favorite Huggies! Don’t forget to download the app to save on your next pack of diapers AND wipes! See how Huggies #HugsTheMess so that you don’t have to!



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