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My (Early) Birthday Celebration: Girls Trip To Nashville

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For the first time ever, I took a girls trip to my favorite city: Nashville. In September, some friends and I joked about how cool it would be to celebrate my birthday without our families. Well….we made it happen!

A total of 5 girls booked flights on the same night, and we arranged a car and Airbnb shortly after. The trip was going on without any problems: we were agreeing on everything, we had no troubles booking anything, and it was pretty much drama-free!

Nashville AirBnB

Once travel day came around, all of us moms made sure our families were taken care of. (I mean, what could go wrong in 2 1/2 days?) Four of us got on our flights and made it into Nashville just fine. One girl had a flight delayed for 8 hours…and bless her heart…she still made it and showed up to party that night!

While we waited for our last friend to arrive, the four of us headed right into downtown and hit up Cerveza Jack’s for some Mexican food. It definitely gets a thumbs up for their margaritas and appetizers!

Afterwards, we checked into our Airbnb. I have stayed at a house Airbnb before, but never a unit in a large building. Everything was controlled with an app on your phone, which we had to get used to. Only being 2 blocks away from Broadway, it was a very convenient location.

We decided to do a theme of graphic tees for the night. All of the girls brought a band tee shirt and paired it with their favorite bottoms. The weather was only a tad warmer in Nashville than back home, unfortunately, so we had to bring our cardigans and jackets everywhere.

Outfit: Queen T-Shirt, Faux Leather Mini Skirt, Slouchy Boots, Felt Hat.

If you’ve never been to Nashville, you’re missing out on a genuinely good time. We went 2 years ago, and I have been itching to go back since. The live music and kindness of all of the staff there put this hot spot on the top of my list.

Step outside onto Broadway and you will just want to drink, dance and be merry. Even if you’re not a country music fan, you will definitely enjoy all of the artists putting it out there. Their music ranges from rock to pop and all of the country favorites in between.

No stop to Nashville would be complete if I didn’t take the girls to 12 South to visit Five Daughters Bakery! They have the most decadent donuts around! Also, no girls trip to Nashville would be complete without a visit to the cutest boutique- Draper James!

Five Daughters Bakery
Draper James, Nashville

While we didn’t just drink and dance the whole time- we found time to hit up a trendy spot for some bowling and eats that turned out to be so much fun. Even though I lost, I’ll never forget the amazing fried broccoli on their brunch menu!

Pinewood Social- Nashville

My outfit: V-neck tee, Skirt, Adidas shoes

Afterwards, we headed over to the new L&L Market to check out some shops and indulge in a milkshake from Gracie’s Milkshake Bar! This one is the Cookie Monster! (Ooh the things I do for a photo….lol)

Girls trip to Nashville

Our last night there was complete with dinner out, then a couple of bars for more music and drinks. Broadway is the best at night! The people are so friendly, and there were no cover charges anywhere.

My outfit below: Romper, Heels (linked similar color), Hair Clip

Nashville, TN

A huge thank you to all of these special ladies who shared in my (early) birthday celebration. The memories will last forever and Nashville will now always have a special place in my heart.

Also- thank you to the Airbnb for having tons of great photo op locations, the girls who did my makeup and let me borrow accessories, the countless episodes of MTV Catfish that we watched, and the ability for 5 girls to share a place with only 1 bathroom. You da real MPV’s!

I can’t wait to go back again! Best birthday trip, ever! If you haven’t, you need to take a girls trip to Nashville!

Nashville Mural

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  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Nashville is so rich in culture of country music and fun.

    Published 11.20.19
  2. I absolutely want to go to Nashville! The pictures you took were great!

    Published 11.20.19
  3. Justcallmeholly wrote:

    Seriously – 5 girls, 1 bathroom, we REALLY were the MVP’s!!! Lol. #methmarygetshergrillback

    Published 11.20.19
  4. Nashville is one of my favorite cities! I can’t wait to go back!

    Published 11.20.19
  5. Marlynn @UrbanBlissLife wrote:

    Oh my goodness, SO many women I know have gone on girls’ trips to Nashville in the past couple of years! Your trip looks amazing! Bookmarking some of these places for my next trip out there!

    Published 11.20.19
  6. Amanda wrote:

    I have always wanted to go to Nashville. Looks like such a fun town and the perfect spot for a girls’ trip!

    Published 11.21.19
  7. Amanda wrote:

    I have always wanted to go to Nashville, especially on a girls’ trip!

    Published 11.21.19
  8. Ivana wrote:

    Sounds like you girls had great time… I love the photos xo

    Published 11.21.19