It’s National Nutrition Month-My List Of Favorite Products!

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As a firm believer that every month we should celebrate food and nutrition (I did, after all, graduate with a degree with Nutritional Science), there is actually a month that we dedicate to nutrition and March is it! Nationally, schools and programs celebrate National Nutrition Month to focus awareness on the importance of making informed food choices.

There are tons of great choices out there for snacks and everyday food items. We have aisles and aisles of good-for-you foods, and no so healthy options. I love discovering new products and seeing how snacks can taste good and also fit into a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of my favorite products and snacks at the moment.

It's National Nutrition Month-My List Of Favorite Snacks!

  • Brew Dr. Kombucha:  What is kombucha?! Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains live and active cultures. It is 100% RAW, probiotic and unpateurized. It’s low sugar and low calorie, making it a great beverage option. (And yes, it’s non-alcoholic.) Brew Dr. Kombucha comes in 2 flavors: Clear Mind (their most popular flavor) with herbs like rosemary and sage infused to assist in mental clarity. The second flavor, Herbal Uplift is for the seasoned kombucha drinker. Made with medicinal herbs it aids in overall body wellness. (My favorite is the Clear Mind because of it’s unique herbal flavor!)

It's National Nutrition Month-My List Of Favorite Snacks!

  • JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Pop Corn: Who doesn’t love a great bag of popcorn?! It is easy to prepare, it’s perfect on a cold day, it’s a great movie snack! Compared to other brands of popcorns, this one takes the cake! With only 4 ingredients, you feel so much better eating this than ones that have artificial junk in them. There are no hydrogenated fats or trans fats and it’s only 35 calories per cup! It’s the perfect gluten-free and fiber rich snack. You’ll feel fuller and be much happier with the way you feel!

It's National Nutrition Month-My List Of Favorite Snacks!

  • nut pods Dairy Free Creamer: For those of you who love coffee creamers as much as I do, I just recently discovered these coffee creamers from nut pods! They are dairy-free, plant-based creamers made from almonds and coconuts. You can use them as a creamer in your tea or coffee, or even in cooking. I really like the hazelnut flavor the best, but they also come in original and french vanilla!  The packages are shelf stable, which is a plus. You order them online and only refrigerate them once they’ve been opened. If you’re trying to get a little more plant based in your diet, or looking for ways to cut cholesterol, this is a great option! (You can use code BABBLE20 to save 20% off your purchase at www.nutpods.com. This is valid from March 12, 2018- April 12, 2018)

  • Sprout® Organic Crinklez: Sprout® has some really great snack options out there for kids right now, one of them being these popped veggie snacks that are plant-powered with chickpeas, carrots, spinach and beets. They come in 2 flavors: Cheesy Spinach and Pumpkin Carrot. Toddlers love fun shapes and textures, making these not only delicious, but fun to play with while eating.

  • JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars: Unlike many chewy granola bars, these are actually soft and easy to eat. The portion size is great, making it perfect for a little pick me up! (I easily carry these around in my purse or diaper bag.) Made of mostly oats, these bars only contain 6g of sugar per 1.1 oz bar. My favorite thing about these bars are that they are made without artificial flavors or corn syrups of any kind! They have 0g of trans fat and are non-GMO product verified. My favorite are the peanut butter chocolate chip bars! You can purchase them here.

Have you heard of National Nutrition Month? What are some of your favorite snack items for yourself or your family?!



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