Our Family Trip To Green Lake, Wisconsin

Thanks to our good family friends, Bruce and Gai, we got to spend some time up in Green Lake, Wisconsin for a little getaway before school started back up. Only being a few hours of a drive for us, Green Lake is nestled in East Central Wisconsin, with 27 miles of shoreline and a spectacular place to relax and enjoy a day out on the water.

The house was nothing short of the perfect place to chill out in, and throw a great party. It had 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, woodsy decor, all of the necessities you could need, and one heck of a kitchen for throwing together all the meals.

Just step outside and you are within feet of the shoreline. We took a few rides on the 12-seater pontoon boat, road jet skis, got up on the paddle board, and even took a ride on the “Super Mable“!

Family Trip To Green Lake, Wisconsin

Although we were only up at the house for 1 night, we made sure to cram as much activity in as we could. We would have stayed longer, but we had to get back because of Charli starting school!

The kids immediately got into their swimsuits and we took a ride on the pontoon boat. We filled it up, as there were other friends who had been there from the last few nights. It was great to see a lot of them again, as it had been years.

The night wrapped up with a nice dinner- enough to feed a small army, then ended up with the rest of the guests heading back home, with the exception of our family. With only 4 adults left in the house, we played a few rounds of cards, and enjoyed some drinks once the kids went to bed.

I still can not believe that we all slept in until 7:30am the next morning. We made up a nice breakfast and then headed back into the water. Cory took Charli out on the jet ski, and then I rode with him afterwards.

Taking the Paddle Board out on Green Lake, Wisconsin

I popped up onto the paddle board and had so much fun. The girls then went out with Cory on the Super Mable while I held on to Lucas on the boat. Those girls sure were brave! I don’t know that I could have lasted on that thing!

I would love to head back up there someday. I mean, Wisconsin is home to so many beautiful places to retreat at, how can you choose just one. If you are ever up in the Fond Du Lac area, just head west about 30 miles and check out Green Lake- the surrounding area doesn’t disappoint!

If we had a few more days, we definitely would have eaten out at one of the many restaurants there, played a lot more ladderball, and taken turns taking naps on the hammock! Until next year, maybe?

Lake house in Green Lake, Wisconsin

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