Spring Break in Omaha

Omaha Zoo statue

Statue at the Omaha Zoo

For spring break this year, we decided to stay local. We have been talking about going to the Omaha zoo for a couple of years now, since everyone talks about how great it is. We locked down some dates, and this is how we spent 3 days in Omaha with the kids.

Just a short drive for us (about 3 hours), we left not too early in the morning, and arrived in Omaha right at lunch time. We had heard about the Old Market area in downtown, so we drove right in and looked for a place to eat. The old Spaghetti Works restaurant caught our eye and we did enjoy a nice lunch there. The restaurant has been an institution in Omaha for over 30 years and we can see why it was a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Great for families and easy to get to in the downtown area.

With the rest of the day ahead of us, we spent the next few hours at the Omaha Children’s Museum. The staff there were gracious enough to invite us for the day- which included admission for our family, plus tickets for the kids to ride the carousel and train inside!

Omaha Children's Museum

Open since 1976, The Omaha Children’s Museum teaches children how the world works, how to challenge themselves, and best of all: how to love to play! The imaginative environment was wonderful for children of all ages, and even adults.

The museum is 2-stories, with the majority of the hands-on play on the lower level, and the cafeteria, zipline, choo-choo train, and carousel on the upper level.

Omaha Children's Museum carousel and train

The museum boasts everyday exhibits, and special exhibits, which are there for a few months and then get rotated out. For a family membership, you could really make use of the wonderful learning tools and hands-on education all year round.

We really had a fun time at the Omaha Children’s Museum. Our favorite exhibits were the Science & Technology Center, The Art Center and the S.T.E.A.M Cave!

After all of the fun at the museum, we headed back to the hotel because the kids really wanted to go swimming. I’m pretty sure that’s every kids favorite part of the hotel!

It wouldn’t be a spring break in Omaha if we didn’t go to the Omaha Zoo! The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is voted the #1 zoo in the nation, if you haven’t heard!

*Thank you to the Omaha Zoo for partnering with us for our Spring Break in Omaha!

We wanted to get the zoo right when they opened so that we could make the most of our experience there. I would recommend buying your tickets in advance as this is a huge zoo with draws a large crowd daily.

Upon entry you can’t help but notice the huge dome in front of you. This was one of our favorite exhibits: The Desert Dome. Inside you will find the worlds largest indoor desert under the worlds largest glazed geodesic dome. With 3 deserts of the world inside and a sun room, you won’t be disappointed at the animals you will find inside!

The Desert Dome at the Omaha Zoo

The Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium were the highlight of the zoo trip. You get to experience polar regions, coral reefs, and the Amazon in the largest aquarium in a zoo! You will never forget the 70 foot shark tunnel! It’s simply breathtaking!

The Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium

The Scott African Grasslands spans 28 acres of the zoo, and is the largest area in the zoo to experience. Here, you will find grasslands and African wildlife. Don’t miss the baby elephants, we found 2 there!

Elephants at the Omaha Zoo
Rhino at Omaha Zoo

I am sad to say that we were not able to take in all of the exhibits in one day. With it being April, not everything open (which included food vendors), so we did leave after the lunch rush to grab some food in downtown Omaha.

In my recommendation, if you do visit the Omaha Zoo in the off-season, try to split up your visit over a 2-day span. Not everything was open, and some exhibits were closed for renovations. In the prime season, most of the food vendors should be open and all rides should be operating.

The Omaha Zoo

Things I wished we ALSO did during Spring Break in Omaha:

  1. Visited the Kiewit Luminarium (which looks amazing from the outside). It is a large science and art museum for all ages. If we had another day there, we definitely would have gone.
  2. Played mini golf indoors at The Fat Putter. This is not your average boring miniature golf. It is large, animated, decorated and just looks like so much!
  3. Visited the Lauritzen Gardens. If it wasn’t the start of spring, I’m sure the gardens would be so beautiful to see in full bloom!
  4. Watched a ball game at the Charles Schwab Field. We walked around the stadium and it just looks like a blast to see the college World Series here, or the local college team play in the outdoors!

Would you, or have you enjoyed Spring Break in Omaha?


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