Survival Tips For On-The-Go Trips!

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Spring is (slowly) arriving, and summer will be here before you know it. These are our favorite times of the year to take road trips, and venture into the great outdoors. Some of our favorite things to do outside include trips to the park, zoos, beach, forest preserves and the homes of our friends and family.

As parents, we know how stressful it can be to travel with kids. We worry so much about having every little amenity, and making sure that bags are filled with enough toys, games, clothes and snacks. Here are some of our survival tips for on-the-go trips!

Survival Tips For On-The-Go Trips!


Of all of the things that make the kids the happiest, I would say snacks are a MUST! Our favorite go-to snack are Goldfish crackers! I can feel good about giving my kids Goldfish crackers, they’re always baked with real cheese, have no artificial flavors or preservatives, and the Goldfish Colors crackers are made with colors that are sourced from plants!

Survival Tips For On-The-Go Trips! Survival Tips For On-The-Go Trips!


We make sure to portion out our favorite snacks into baggies, and neatly place them into our cooler bag so we know exactly where there are, and are not fumbling to find them. Plus, when we put the Goldfish into baggies, we can make sure no one is fighting over them! (They’re just so good!)

Survival Tips For On-The-Go Trips!

For longer trips, we always bring activity books for the kids. Ones with stickers usually go over pretty well and are relatively easy to clean up, versus ones with pens or crayons! We put the activity books into small canvas bags with all of their other craft supplies.

One more important thing we bring is tissue paper and napkins. You never know when you’re going to need to clean up messes, or hands while on the road. We usually keep a couple tubes of wet wipes in the cup holders in the back seat for tidying up any any unexpected spills.

Survival Tips For On-The-Go Trips!

What are some of your travel must-haves or favorite snacks when you go out with your kids?

For more information for on-the-go snack ideas, check out the Goldfish Pinterest Page! Love the fun Goldfish Colors crackers? You’ve got to read about them here and how they also make our car trips fun by calling out and spelling the colors!

Survival Tips For On-The-Go Trips!



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