The holidays are over and it’s another year…

We’ve got to admit that we’re glad the holidays are over. As beautiful as the house looks when decorated with pine cones, christmas cards and santa figurines, the stress of not having to host a dinner or overnight guests is a relief. Don’t get us wrong, we had a wonderful Christmas dinner with wonderful people…but its a sigh of relief to get your normal home routine back.

Here’s a recap of Christmas and New Years Eve:

Charlie got her first Princess Castle from Fisher-Price Little People. She loves it. It was just as fun to watch Cory assemble it! I think it was a dad’s right of passage, right?

We had lots of fun opening gifts from family and friends and playing with cousins all weekend!


Did you check out my new Aria diffuser?! It’s like mommy heaven! LOVE!!


The weather here was pretty amazing, I must say. Typical Chicago weather in late December is usually in the 20’s or 30’s. I’m pretty sure it was 50 degrees….and we were NOT complaining!

Then came New Years Eve out of the blue! Jamie visited a friends house to celebrate and Cory and I went to a neighbors house. Luckily it was kid friendly, so Charli got to play with her good friend who is 3 months older than her. She hasn’t been feeling well the last couple of days, so we left at 10:00pm, gave her a bath and put her right to bed. She needed lots of snuggles and TLC to finally fall asleep. Poor thing….

This morning when she woke up, she was such a good spirit, running all around and playing with her toys. All the while, I’m chasing around everywhere with a Kleenex. We watched the Rose Parade (my favorite!) and we’re still in our jammies. A true holiday off!

Well we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Here’s to a wonderful 2016! We hope to bring you some new, fab blog posts soon!

(Love this pic of us….sans makeup….ugly Christmas sweater…Charli mad-dogging her Peppa dolls…and Peanut getting into everyone’s business as usual)


The Lavender Ladies,

Kim and Jamie



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