It’s Time For 24 Days of Blogmas- Day 23

How is it not Christmas, yet I have managed to stuff myself with all of the food and drinks in the last couple of days? I know, I know, I am bringing it on myself. I am the one who bought most of these goodies!

Who else has already started to dig in to the holiday treat corner? Did you bake some sweet goodies, or get some from the neighbors? We have a nice mixture of both! And, with family over, it’s only social to enjoy these things together!

Well, we are officially at the last couple of days before Christmas. Tomorrow we will be joined by my sister-in-law and her family, and be attending Christmas mass all together. If all goes well, the kids will all have a sleepover here at our house!
It's Time For 24 Days of Blogmas- Day 23

We have all of the presents under the tree now. I am surprised that the girls (and the cats) have not trampled over the gifts and tried to see what was inside them. Thank you for everyone being good and not spoiling any of the fun!

Do you still have last minute shopping to do? Gift cards are always the best option, and so quick you can even print them off of your computer nowadays! I have a family member who we just get gift card for because it’s almost easier to just let him to get a gift for himself.

You know when kids get to a certain age, they’re too big for some toys, and not big enough for sophisticated electronics or products. Now I can see how easy it is to shop for little kids. Little kids see EVERYTHING and they want EVERYTHING!

It's Time For 24 Days of Blogmas- Day 23 It's Time For 24 Days of Blogmas- Day 23It's Time For 24 Days of Blogmas- Day 23

Now that the presents are all in order, its time to just focus on family time. The girls will be running around ALL day once their cousins arrive and Lucas will be loved on by everyone. Steaks are planned for Christmas Eve dinner, and a special bottle of vino will be opened.

What is your plan for Christmas Eve? Are you opening gifts then or do you wait for Christmas day? Only one more Blogmas post tomorrow, I can’t wait to wrap up this series with you!

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