Time To Celebrate! Happy 4th Birthday, Charli!


From the moment she was in my womb, she was a kicker. She is still as much of a firecracker as the day we first set eyes on her. Who knew that such a little girl could have such an impact on us, and the people around her. On January 7th, we prepare to celebrate her 4th birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday, Charli!

I just had to go back into my (thousands) of photos of her, and reminisce about all of the stages she has gone through, and all of the adventures we have been on. From traveling with her in my belly to Australia, to visiting friends in Germany and Italy when she was 1.5, we have a lot of great memories with this girl.

I picked out some great photos tonight…ones that really capture her personality. She is sweet, sour, bitter and selfish (at times). She didn’t know what to think of her little sister, and insists we give her a brother, so that she can play with him instead! LOL! From endless days of princess dress up, to struggling to get her to eat more than mac and cheese and PB&J, I suppose I can let it all go, and let her just be HER on her special day.

She’s my muse, my inspiration, my headache and heartache. She’s my original BFF and the girl that manages to wake me up every single morning, like it or not. Here’s to another year, my sweet girl.

Happy 4th Birthday, Charli!

I hope you enjoy the scroll down memory lane! If you have a special message for her, please leave them in the comments below! I’m sure she’d love to hear from you all!

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