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Valentine’s Day Fun Snack Mix

It’s been nothing short of a dreary day- but I suppose we get a lot of those here in the midwest during the winter. What better time to make some fun snacks for Valentine’s Day. If you are hosting a party this year, or wanting to put together something cute this year, try this Valentine’s Day Fun Snack Mix!

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If you don’t already know, I love making chocolate covered pretzels (like these). They are so simple to make, and you can decorate them so easily for any holiday. My daughter and I grabbed our favorite Valentine’s Day sprinkles and got to work this afternoon.

We used white chocolate melting wafers for this one, since we wanted the white and pink combination! We made half of the batch with the white color, and then half of the batch we dyed pink using food coloring.

I grabbed these fun sprinkles, which made them turn out so beautiful! I love the “x’s” and “o’s”! We also used some white non-pareils sprinkles and red shimmer sprinkles to give the mix a little texture and color variety.

You can use any fun variety or combination of sprinkles, really. Even rainbow sprinkles would be adorable in this collection of treats! You could also top them with coconut shavings or my favorite, crushed peppermint!

Once the pretzels have been laid out to dry completely, you can toss them into your bowl with these other kid-approved snack foods: Teddy Grahams, Rice Chex cereal and Mother’s Original Circus Animal Cookies!

Valentine's Day fun snack

These would be perfect for a play-date or Valentine’s Day party. Not only is it a breeze to put together, but the pretzels are fairly easy to make and are ready after about 15 minutes!

Make a treat that everyone will LOVE at your next get-together. Who can resist this perfect combination of salty and sweet?

I hope you love making and eating this Valentine’s Day fun snack mix !

Valentine's Day Fun Snack Mix

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    Love the pretzels, will save this for next year!

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