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What I Love About My Wantable Style Edit

You know I love to show you guys what I’m wearing and where I get it from. You may have seen some of my posts on Instagram telling you what I love about my Wantable Style Edit.

What I love about my Wantable Style Edit

Thank you to Wantable for supplying the pieces for this post.

Wantable is an online try-before-you-buy retailer that consists of a personalized stylist that matches clothes and accessories for you-based on your preferences.

What I love about this online service is that the boxes get delivered to my door, and I never have to set foot into a retail store. Trying on clothes with all of my kids in tow is always way too much hassle for me.

Want to know what to expect when you look into Wantable?

Since Wantable is a personalized styling service for men and women, you will first be asked about some of your personal information (height, weight, chest and hip sizes, etc). The more information they can get from you, the better your stylist can choose the items for your body type.

You can then choose what kind of style edit you want to choose. Do you want workout clothes? Do you want casual clothes? Are you looking for intimate apparel? You pick!

You choose the frequency of how often you want a style edit delivered to you. No subscription is needed, and that’s a plus! Boxes come with 5-7 pieces and returns are always free!

Want to request certain pieces? Head over to the site’s stream to see what is trending and some of Wantable’s newest arrivals. You can request pieces you see on there, or just let your stylist choose everything for you.

When your box is out for delivery, you will get an email telling you when it will arrive. (Remember-you will not know what you will be receiving, so it’s a nice surprise to see what your stylist has chosen for you.)

Once you open up your box, you will see a pamphlet with each clothing items description and cost to you, should you choose to keep it. You have 5 days to try on the pieces and decide if you like them or not.

Wantable Style Edit

Loving all of the items? If you choose to keep all of the pieces in your box, you get a 20% discount on the entire order. Want to keep only 1 or a few items? Then schedule a pick up and put the remaining items in the provided bag for the mailman to pick up! You wont be charged for those items.

Wantable Style Edit

Here is how I styled some of the items that came in my latest Style Edit!

What I love about my Wantable Style Edit? That I get to try on a variety of clothes from various designers that I might not have otherwise tried. It’s fun to try on new clothing and things that you never knew could work with your style/body type/aesthetic.

I look for deals when shopping, and am budget conscious most of the time. I am able to select the price range for pieces that I want to receive, and that is important to me.

Please note that there is a $20 styling fee per box. But if you choose to keep any item in your delivery, that fee gets waived.

Which of these Wantable Style Edit pieces so you love?! I feel like I’m ready to tackle all of the things here in Iowa, like Deals Orchard this weekend with my family!

Check out Wantable! If you sign up, you’ll get $10 off if you use my link!

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  1. Mimi wrote:

    The brown coat is so pretty, definitely need it

    Published 9.21.21
  2. Alison wrote:

    Oh, I never seem to have the time to go shopping for clothes — and I do need new clothing. The 20% discount for purchasing all the items is a wonderful incentive that I will probably act on.

    Published 9.22.21
  3. Vidhi wrote:

    What a great service! Thanks for sharing

    Published 9.22.21
  4. Tisha wrote:

    I’ve been wanting to try this box. These picks are great

    Published 9.22.21
  5. nadaliebardo wrote:

    This is so fun! I so need a clothing subscription or for someone else to dress me. I just cannot make choices anymore.

    Published 9.22.21
    • Kim wrote:

      Right?! Lol!!

      Published 9.22.21