What To Love About The 18 Month Old Stage

I thought it would be fun to post some recent photos of Emmy since she is at such an important age right now. Everyday, I see changes and growth in her vocabulary and physical appearance. This post is dedicated to what to love about the 18 month old stage.

First of all, I can’t believe that my little baby is already 18 months old. In just a few short months, we will be celebrating her second birthday! I feel like she is growing by leaps and bounds everyday. Obviously, she’s my little peanut, but her vocabulary is actually growing.

As I was changing her diaper the other morning, i told her “good morning”. She instantly replied back to me: “morning!”. I just about died at how cute she was. Her list of words include: mom, mommy, dada, shoes, pees (please), tank too (thank you), up, ma (milk), juuuss (juice).

What To Love About The 18 Month Old Phase

Some of the fun developmental things that she is doing now seriously blow my mind. She is totally out of the high chair now and sitting in her booster seat next to her big sister at the table. She loves using her fork and drinking from any sip cup we give her. Not that she’s a perfect eater, I still live for the bib and need to hose her down after every meal.

Just when we thought she wasn’t ready for it, she is now walking down stairs on her own, holding the hand rails. I have to watch her every step, but I always give her praises for getting down safely and not making my heart skip a beat.

She loves doing what her sister does. So, I can usually count on her tagging along with Charli when I don’t know where she is. She wants to watch her brush her teeth, watch her use the potty, and follow her dance moves when they are in the car.

What To Love About The 18 Month Old Stage

Everyday, we try to teach new words to her and repeat them so that she becomes familiar with them and gets comfortable using them. We are trying to teach manners (“please” and “thank you”) at a young age so that we don’t have to struggle with it later on. I feel like at this age, they are a sponge. They pick up on things fast and are eager to learn!

I can not really say anything bad about this stage. I love how much more independent she is becoming. I enjoy seeing her grow up before my eyes. I love hearing her mumble and gab in her own language…even if only one of the words I can understand. I love the way she looks at animals, loves her pacifier, and screeches when her daddy walks in the door.

What To Love About The 18 Month Old Stage What To Love About The 18 Month Old Stage

I have to say that I got pretty lucky with this one. She has been a great sleeper from day one. When she is teething, you don’t really know it. I’ve never had to put a teething bib on her, and if she cries from the teeth coming in, it is only for a few minutes and then she goes right back to sleep.

She is friendly to just about every one. I love her gentle and serious disposition. She loves to say “hi” to everyone and blows kisses to even animals walking by. She may be glued to my hip most days, but I will soak up all of these moments. In no time she will be too heavy for me to even hold.

Did you love this stage in your child’s life? I’d love to hear the good and the bad, as I know all kids are different!

What To Love About The 18 Month Old Stage What To Love About The 18 Month Old Stage


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