What To Do In Savannah for a Girls Trip

I finally made it to Savannah for the first time, and it did not disappoint. A friend was celebrating her birthday last year, but due to COVID, we postponed the trip until this year. I’ve rounded up my favorite things we did and what you should do in Savannah for a girls trip!

The Olde Pink House in Savannah, Georgia
The Olde Pink House

If you want to really get a good feel for the city, I recommend going for more than just a weekend. We spent a solid 3 days there and I think it made all of the difference in getting to see all of things we anticipated on.

To start off our girls trip, we started off with appetizers and drinks at our hotel’s bar. We stayed in the Historic District, right on the Riverwalk. I highly recommend staying along there, as you have access to a ton of walkable restaurants, shops and bars!

Riverwalk in Savannah
Historic District

How gorgeous was it to walk along the river, and then head south for blocks to discover all of the rich history and beauty that line the cobblestone roads. (Not to mention all of the stops you can make for a quick rest in one of the many squares)

Our first reservation was at the Olde Pink House for dinner. This National landmark can not be missed on your trip there. Not only is it beautiful, but the food and drinks are worth the wait. (Perhaps one of the many ghosts of the past will grant you with their presence while walking around!)

Dinner at The Olde Pink House in Savannah

As a group, you will find that being able to jump from bar to bar (and carry your drinks around outside) is one of the perks of the city. You never have to worry about sitting around a restaurant, when you can be carrying your beverage around while strolling the city and taking in all of the sights and sounds.

Candy Shop in Savannah

To start our second day there, we made a reservation for a Pedal Pub. I’m not gonna lie, this was the BEST part of our trip. Not only did we score the best driver (Ask for Blake!), but we had a bachelorette party with us, and they were so much fun to tour the city with!

We shared so many laughs, got a great tour of downtown, and stopped off at 3-4 bars to hop off and grab some drink specials. With the pedal pubs blasting music, and you and your closest friends laughing while pedaling the bike- you never knew you could have so much fun! Well worth it, and a fun 2-hour party!

If you’re into shopping, then Savannah has great areas for all of your shopping needs. You can find name brand shops, to specialty shops. The best part- it’s all walkable!

Head over to City Market for tons of unique shops and gifts. You can literally spend all day around there. With the restaurants, bars and shopping, it’s a great area to hang around and listen to live music! You can bring home lots of fun souvenirs here.

We spent a lot of time on Broughton Street, as it had a lot of fun clothing stores to go in. Some favorites were Urban Outfitters and Anthropology.

Reservations at Belford’s in City Market was the highlight of our trip. We had a great window seat- perfect for people watching on a Saturday night. The food was amazing, and it really brought a great charm to eat in the heart of the city.

Dinner at Belford's in Savannah
Dinner at Belford's In Savannah

A couple things that were really fun to do as a group, was one of the many haunted ghost tours around the city. You have your choice of walking tours, bus tours, and even one was offered while riding in a hearse! We found a groupon for the tour before getting into Savannah, so we didn’t research which one was the best.

Overall, it was fun to get a history of the haunted places, afterall: Savannah was built on its dead. There is no shortage of haunted homes, antique stores, village squares, and even bars that claim to have paranormal activity!

River Moon Brewery in Savannah
On the second floor of the Moon River Brewing Company

Lastly, we boarded the famous Old Town Trolley Tour of Savannah. If you stay on the whole thing, you get a wonderful guided tour of the city. You can also get off along the city and hop back on another trolley at your convenience.

The guides are funny and have a rich knowledge of the city. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it. Plus, your feet could use a little R&R after walking around the last couple of days! Enjoy this covered tour bus and take in the sights.

Trolley Tour sights
Riding through Savanna on the Old Town Trolley Tour
Wesley Monument
Chippewa Square Monument

As far as comfort goes, it was pretty warm still while we were there. I think most places are having a late summer. Most of us walked around in flip flops and casual shoes while we were out and about. I even ventured out in heels and heeled sandals one day and everything is walkable, so we didn’t use any public transportation the while visit.

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Have you been thinking about a fun getaway with your friends? Save this pin for later so you know what to do in Savannah for a Girls Trip!

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