What’s a Fitbit?

Every year, my company so graciously gives everyone a Christmas gift. This year we all got a Fitbit Flex! I have seen a lot of my friends wearing them and wondered what all the fuss was about. So, I took it home that Friday, charged it up and started wearing it that night.


I learned that this little guy tracked my steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes of movement. You can also set it to sleep mode at night and it will track how many hours you slept as well as how many times in the night that you were restless.

The packaging is simple: 2 wristbands (you can choose which size – small or large that works best for your wrist), a removable Fitbit Flex tracker, a charging cable and a wireless sync dongle.


A couple things I noted about these pieces:

  1. Small pieces! The wireless sync dongle is the size of a quarter. I usually just keep it plugged into my laptop so that I don’t misplace it.
  2. The charging cable is also very small. I literally keep it in my laptop bag so that I do not lose it either.
  3. Ease of assembly. I have trouble putting the removable Fitbit Flex Tracker into the wristband. I think I end up putting it in 3-4 different ways before I actually get it to fit into the wristband the correct way. (A huge dislike!)
  4.  Getting it on: the wristband is adjustable, and there are 2 metal-like clamps that you snap into the flexible wristband. I will say it took a few weeks of wearing it for the clamps to snap in easily. It might have been my biggest gripe about wearing it until now.

How it works:

Flex syncs automatically and wirelessly to tablets, computers and 150+ leading iOS, Android and Windows smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

It has an LED light display with 5 white indicator lights. Since there is no “face” on this type of Fitbit, you rely on tapping it to tell it what you want it to do. You’ll know it’s working by the combination of light sequences you see appear, or if it vibrates. It has the capability to track 7 days of activities (motion date, minute by minute) and it tracks up to 30 days of total activities.

You get a Fitbit Dashboard that you record all of your results and goals onto. You can see your progress, get “badges” for completing tasks, compete with friends that also are using Fitbit, log workouts and sleep patterns.



My thoughts on it:

Since I started using it while I was super pregnant, I was more interested in the sleep patterns at night (mainly seeing how restless i was!) than actually serious about tracking my physical fitness. I know that once I have this baby, I can really reap the benefits of what it has to offer.

What I like- the flexible, rubber wristband. It seems very sturdy and I wear it all day and night without it being irritating. (I only take it off when I’m showering or washing dishes, so as to not immerse it in water, since its not swim-proof). The price point on this item isn’t bad, at under $100. Plus, anything you can do/wear to make your self accountable to workout, I think is great!

What I don’t like- this model of Fitbit doesn’t have a face, so I feel like it’s a big hinderance in knowing if it’s working or not. You don’t know how many steps you’ve actually taken unless you sync the data to your smartphone or computer.  I also need to get used to the number of taps you need to give it to command some sort of action. It takes a little while to learn how to use this device. I would have thought it was simpler.

-If I had a choice, I would upgrade to the Fitbit Charge or higher grade model for the sake of having at least the time of day or number of steps shown on a face.

In the meanwhile, since it was free, I won’t complain. I’m grateful for the chance to have one of these and if it can help accomplish fitness goals, I’m all for it! Here’s to setting more goals in 2016 and staying healthy!

Do you have a Fitbit? If so, how do you like it?

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