When It’s Hot Outside-Go Visit Your Local Library!

When we moved here, it was still in the height of COVID. We were looking for things to do with the kids, but options were slim in the middle of winter.

I looked online to search for our nearest library, only to find out that most of the library was still shut down for browsing.

If you knew the book you wanted to reserve, you did just that- ordered it and picked it up at the front.

Upon viewing that the children’s area was not open for play, I put library time on the back burner and literally forgot about it until this summer.

We have had quite the heatwave here in the midwest, and we have been trying to keep busy at the swimming pool, and various other indoor activities (the gym, gymnastics, playing at friends houses).

Today, I said “Let’s go out for lunch, and finally go get our library cards!”

Of all of the places to go out to lunch, the kids chose Culver’s. We had a Culver’s where we used to live, so I think the kids just love the familiarity of it !

(Who doesn’t love cheese curds?)

After lunch, we drove to downtown where the library was. Compared to our previous city’s library, this one was magnificent. The children’s area is huge- complete with computer stations, a meeting room, a play area, and aisles of wonderful reading material.

Visit your local library

The front desk staff was so sweet about giving me all of the information I needed about checking out books and other materials. The library was full of artwork and visually appealing all around. I thought I was in a museum!

Visit your local library
Visit your local library

Great play areas, a bevy of books, and brilliant art throughout. We are so glad that on this hot day, we decided to finally check out our local library!

Plus- we officially have ALL kids going to school in a couple of weeks, so this will be perfect for all of our reading needs!

Do you get to your local library often?

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