What I Am Currently Loving

Happy Summer, everyone! We are one week into being home all together, and making the best of it, (despite being an adjustment to everyone’s schedules)! As I have a lot of time now with the kids, I am keeping busy and making sure to include some “me time”. I thought I would jump on here to share what I am currently loving!

For Work/Home/School:

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is less than one month away now. I wouldn’t be lying if I didn’t start thinking about all of the ways I hope my children cherish me on this special day!

I look forward to cute school projects and homemade crafts, but I most of all look forward to the hugs and kisses. For some, Mother’s Day is just another day. For others, they will be spoiled and pampered.

I would definitely say that in this house, it’s more on the side of homemade gifts and a simple gesture of their love as they tell me I’m the best (I hope!).

As a mom to three little ones, here are some of the things that I enjoy, or would love as a gift. It’s not everyday that us moms get something without knowing it in advance- so when we do, don’t we hope for something beyond flowers and a card? (A girl can dream, right?)

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Spring Break in Omaha

Omaha Zoo statue

Statue at the Omaha Zoo

For spring break this year, we decided to stay local. We have been talking about going to the Omaha zoo for a couple of years now, since everyone talks about how great it is. We locked down some dates, and this is how we spent 3 days in Omaha with the kids.

Just a short drive for us (about 3 hours), we left not too early in the morning, and arrived in Omaha right at lunch time. We had heard about the Old Market area in downtown, so we drove right in and looked for a place to eat. The old Spaghetti Works restaurant caught our eye and we did enjoy a nice lunch there. The restaurant has been an institution in Omaha for over 30 years and we can see why it was a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Great for families and easy to get to in the downtown area.

With the rest of the day ahead of us, we spent the next few hours at the Omaha Children’s Museum. The staff there were gracious enough to invite us for the day- which included admission for our family, plus tickets for the kids to ride the carousel and train inside!

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A Day At The Reiman Gardens

Cy outside of the Reiman Gardens
One of many “Cy” statues around Ames

It was a beautiful (and overcast) day today in Ames, after a night of rain and thunder. With a couple of the kids home with me today, I thought it would be great to spend a day at the Reiman Gardens.

The Reiman Gardens is situated on a 17-acre site right outside the Iowa State University Football Stadium. It has both indoor and outdoor gardens and exhibits for you to see, and they operate year-round.

At the Reiman Gardens in Ames, IA
At the top of the Gardens
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My Favorite Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Here it comes again- the holiday that you either love or just don’t care about: Valentine’s Day. As a lover myself, I enjoy seeing heart and festive celebrations of this romantic day on February 14th every year.

It’s a great idea to think about special people in your life. Everyone loves to be thought of an acknowledged, right? Whether it’s a spouse/significant other, child, or your best gal pals, it’s fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of them!

Some of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day are by decorating my home, making fun Valentine’s Day treats with my kids, and sending Valentine’s Day cards to school!

Valentine's Day Fun Snack Mix
Valentine’s Day Treats
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